Jeremy Jones 'Late Bloomer' Out Now

We're thrilled to present Jeremy Jones' debut mixtape 'Late Bloomer'. It's a collection of his best work over the last couple years as a solo artist, and it's a beautiful combination of R&B, big-tent pop, and soul music. You'll love it.


Late Bloomer
Jeremy Jones
May 31, 2019


Jeremy Jones


"Jeremy Jones is a voice that doesn’t come around that often and intensely makes you watch their growth"

Girl Underground Music

"Native Midwesterner Jeremy Jones is a string-playing, sweet-singing songwriter and producer. He’s also a dreamer."

Buzzbands LA

"An introspective writing style is paired with a gorgeously textured vocal – enabling Jones to reach emotional heights that are out of reach for many emerging artists. His aptitude for conveying his story and connecting with the listener is rare; pushing his already great writing to new levels."