Bloomington, Indiana

Joey Walker

Bloomington, Indiana

Joey Walker

Artist Bio

“Joey Walker makes twink rock.“

That’s what the Indiana-based artist said during the mixing process of his newest album Supersoft. Joey might have been joking, earnest, or some in-between, but, regardless, that framework is an honest, valuable lens for his music. While a "twink" is traditionally portrayed as a submissive, fragile figure, Walker complicates this queer stereotype with active, raw, and devastating songs in the vein of Liz Phair, Scott Walker, and Jason Molina. Sonically, he mixes brooding clean guitar with simple, driving rhythms and electronic textures, his voice floating above, wispy and ethereal.

Joey Walker makes twink rock, it just doesn't sound like one might expect.

Press Quotes

"Breathy, melodramatic, and at times feeble, Supersoft comes close to a proper musical representation of the type’s ideal. But the album was built with the intent to place caricature and subversion at its core. Walker’s sullen demeanor and outward expression remind us that youth is the site of frustration, loneliness, and confusion, not to be reductively imagined as little more than a sexualized concoction of curiosity, amusement, submission, and wonder."

Tiny Mix Tapes
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"With Walker’s delicate yet fortifying vocals leading the charge, the singer’s newest endeavor is menacing and utterly intoxicating as it... brings to light the grayer areas of sexuality and power often dismissed or reluctantly articulated by well-known LGBTQ artists."

"Not afraid of making bold statements, Walker’s music tackles subjects like death and sexuality head-on."

Wussy Mag
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