What You Want

Joey Walker
January 19, 2021

“What You Want” is a song Joey Walker and Stone Irr recorded a while ago, before their debut albums. It’s a fuzzy, sprawling piece, showing two artists exploring and expanding their capabilities.


2012 feels like a lifetime ago. Back then Joey Walker and Stone Irr were both students in Bloomington, Indiana and good friends. They wrote and recorded a song called "What You Want" together, and, well, that's about as far as they got. The track gathered dust, or whatever the equivalent is for files stored deep in a hard drive.

In the intermediate period they both graduated, released solo albums, and then second solo albums, Stone moved to Los Angeles with Joey splitting the driving, and they remained great friends. Then, in the fall of 2020, Joey decided the time was right to revisit their earlier musical collaboration. With Nick Pitman's invaluable help, playing bass and mixing the song, Joey and Stone put a fresh coat of paint on a beautiful old track. We're thrilled to now share that work: "What You Want."

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What You Want
What You Want
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From the album
Joey Walker

Joey Walker: Vocals, delay pedal, and co-production
Stone Irr: Guitar, vocals
Ben Lumsdaine: Drum loop
Nick Pitman: Bass, guitar, drum programming, synth, and co-production
Conor Ellis: Mastering

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