August 26, 2020

"The Other Moon" Single and Video, Out Now from Falcon Jane

In "The Other Moon" Sara May, the artistic force behind Falcon Jane, pays tribute to the loss of her Nonna with a stunning music video and song.

"She had a habit of joking about her own death, and through her broken English she would say that when she died she was going to ‘the other moon’."

This beautiful, poignant image is the driving force behind Falcon Jane's new single and music video, "The Other Moon". Sara May, the artistic force behind the band, pays tribute to the loss of her Nonna, her grandmother. Although the two women were from different generations, and spoke two different languages, they understood each other in a way deeper than words.

In "The Other Moon", May explores not only that terrible loss, but also the intimate experience of getting to know yourself again afterwards, highlighting the banal but beautiful ebb and flow of our every day. The new single is an investigation into what it means to be alive and the often painful experience of the ordinary. As someone who describes herself as “emotionally guarded,” Falcon Jane is May outstretched, breaking through the introspective wall and inviting us in on the experiment.

The video concept was inspired by the song's lyrics and dark, moody musical feel. May's best friend, Toronto filmmaker Dominique van Olm, heard the song and the chorus planted a feeling of a release and an image of a rocket launch in her mind. So naturally, it seemed only fitting that she, along with Sara May as co-director, should send Falcon Jane into space.

Here's what May had to say about the video production:

It all came together quite quickly, and with a very tight budget. We thought of creative ways to represent the process an indie musician would go through as they prepare to undertake a DIY expedition into space in search of “The Other Moon.” Using the resources we could get access to (my mechanic’s shop, a hotel gym, an industrial sized smoke machine), we were able to build a storyline that mirrors the build up and tension of the first half of the song.

The images of the Earth at the end of the video mimic the grandeur and simultaneous aloneness that exists within the song. It is a meditative representation of leaving this world, which reflects the subject matter of the song itself; it is a tribute to my late Nonna, who always referred to the afterlife as “The Other Moon”.

August 26, 2020
The Other Moon
Falcon Jane
Falcon Jane
Ontario, Canada

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