August 17, 2023

New Falcon Jane Song Goes Full Country

"Dirty Dog" is is a bitter and brokenhearted tune with Falcon Jane flair
Long live the yeehaw era of Falcon Jane

Alrighty, this is a big one. I love, love, love this song.

Sara May, the lead singer and songwriter, and her partner Andrew McArthur, on guitar, drums, and whatever else they need, have channeled their deep love of traditional country and western music and their affection for their small town home into a beautiful evolution of the Falcon Jane sound. They've retained their sunny temperament and Sara's lyrical depth while refining their production and songwriting—the result is a song like "Dirty Dog", a bitter and brokenhearted tune with a timeless Nashville-country sound.

With a deft lyrical touch, Sara embodies a classic drifter, a heartbroken cowboy-type, just "trying to get by.” This character is presented, flaws and all, with a clarity and empathy that puts her in special company as a songwriter.

"Dirty Dog" is a hard-hitting song about a complicated man, sung with absolute conviction. It reminds of Emmylou Harris, John Prine, Angel Olsen, and Jenny Lewis, which is to say, it echoes the greats, past and present, but with Falcon Jane’s own unique flair.

High praise, sure, but roll the windows down, turn the radio up, and give the track a listen before you worry about whether it's "country" enough. Because it is.


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Tour Dates

And be sure and catch one of the August Falcon Jane shows—they are not to be missed right now.

8/19 - Guelph, ON, Canada - House Show
8/25 - Toronto, ON, Canada - The Dakota Tavern (tickets)
8/26 - Owen Sound, ON, Canada - Heartwood Hall (tickets)

August 17, 2023
Dirty Dog
Falcon Jane
Falcon Jane
Ontario, Canada

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