November 13, 2020

Out Now: 'Faith' by Falcon Jane

Available on Sunset Gold vinyl, pink cassette, and digitally

It's been a long year

At moments the political, social, environmental, and medical calamities have been almost too much to bear. You know this. We all know this. It has worn deep on our collective consciousness.

While Falcon Jane's incredible new album Faith was basically completed before this year began, it's hard not to hear it in the context of its November 13, 2020 release date. It's a record about loss, and struggle, and growth, and pain, and holding onto hope through it all. It's perfect for this moment, and we're incredibly proud of their work.

Sara May, the lead singer, songwriter, and driving force behind the band, has made an album that we think you'll love.

What Sara had to say about the album

“This album is just as much about trying to figure out what kind of person I am as it is about death. Where do my beliefs lie? Am I a good person? There needed to be a big collapse in order to grow. A total exhale so that I could breathe in new life, new faith.”

Some lovely press coverage

Whenever you release an album you hope that press folks give it an honest, thoughtful listen. What they do after that is up to them. Well, in this case they had some wonderful things to say about Sara and the record! Here are a couple choice quotes:

“May’s faith in her feelings is responsible for much of the album’s greatness, making it better the more you listen to it”

“lustrous lyrics and a stirring vocal”
The Line of Best Fit

“simmering indie folk”
American Songwriter

You can give it a listen now

Apple Music

Grab a physical copy

Sadly, we're completely sold out of the Sunset Gold vinyl, but your local record store might have a copy! Black vinyl and pink cassette tapes available in the Darling store.

November 13, 2020
Falcon Jane
Falcon Jane
Ontario, Canada

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