New Summer Single from Falcon Jane

"Summer of Happiness" is a new recording of an old Falcon Jane song. Sara, the artist behind the band, was recently at a bachelorette party and her friends began singing the song word-for-word. When she got home she recorded this gorgeous version.

Falcon Jane are back with another single, just in time for the dog days of summer. The aptly named "Summer of Happiness" is, like most of Sara May's songs as Falcon Jane, situated somewhere between heaven and earth: honest and grounded, yet ethereal and transportive.

Here's what Sara had to say about it: "A few months ago at my friends bachelorette party, everyone just started singing the song and it was amazing how they all knew all of the words still!"

Beautiful, serendipitous, and warm; the perfect summary of the song itself.

Summer of Happiness
Falcon Jane
August 15, 2019


Falcon Jane


"The self-coined plez-rockers, fronted by Sara May, have been making some noise in and around Toronto and seem poised to break out"


"The fuzzy, dreamy instrumentals are painstaking in their subtly, allowing vocalist May to steal the show. Her whispered croon isn't demanding of your attention, rather she chooses careful, quiet precision for her process, making for a track that nestles its way into your heart."

The Grey Estates

"May sings, with a heavy-hearted quietness, as the somewhat more lurid set-pieces play out alongside. It makes for a striking balance…captivating throughout"

Gold Flake Paint