Falcon Jane "The News" Remix Out Now

Falcon Jane have a brand new remix for "The News" out right this very moment. It's a delightful take on the track from fellow Ontario artist Romshii.


The News (Romshii Remix)
Falcon Jane
March 20, 2019


Falcon Jane


"The self-coined plez-rockers, fronted by Sara May, have been making some noise in and around Toronto and seem poised to break out"


"The fuzzy, dreamy instrumentals are painstaking in their subtly, allowing vocalist May to steal the show. Her whispered croon isn't demanding of your attention, rather she chooses careful, quiet precision for her process, making for a track that nestles its way into your heart."

The Grey Estates

"May sings, with a heavy-hearted quietness, as the somewhat more lurid set-pieces play out alongside. It makes for a striking balance…captivating throughout"

Gold Flake Paint