Moor Hound
February 14, 2017
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Moor Hound's new EP Green is an intimate six song album recorded by songwriter Steve Marino in Bloomington, Indiana bedrooms over the last few years. The tracks shine with the nostalgia, melancholy, and earnestness of living your 20's in a dusty Midwest college town. Fittingly, songs like "Scrapbooks" and "Bored in Love" are, at their core, acoustic guitar songs, but they're produced with subtle flourishes (haunting organ in "See You Again", piano in "Scrapbooks") that add just the right amount of color.

The real star here, though, is Marino's voice. He delivers lines like "you shouldn’t have to feel sorry / for changing your mind" ("Bored in Love") and "we can't be happy all at once / love won't find its way through every time" ("Happy All At Once") with real, tangible emotion. The words hang in the air, heavy and beautiful, without facade, and the songs defy both cynicism and cliche. Give it a listen. You just might feel something.


Steve Marino: Guitars / Vocals

Kurt Friedrich: Organ / Keys

Mike Bridavsky: Mastering

Thomas Nyström: Layout

Recorded and mixed in bedrooms in Bloomington, IN, 2015

All songs written by Steve Marino © Moor Hound 2016

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