Merce Lemon

Watch Me Drive Them Dogs Wild

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September 27, 2024
Darling Recordings
Merce Lemon’s latest album ‘Watch Me Drive Them Dogs Wild’ is a collection of earnest songs about belonging and longing, paired with a fierceness that is only matched by the wildness of her band.

About the release

Within the quiet, cascading corners of Pittsburgh lies a community – essentially one large family – that spans neighborhoods and generations.

Upon this foundation, Merce Lemon built her latest album: ‘Watch Me Drive Them Dogs Wild’. These are earnest songs, of belonging and longing, in which romantic and familial love rip into and out of themselves in a flurry of reckoning. There is a fierceness, a persistence in this vulnerability, that is matched by the wildness of her band.

Merce took a step back from music in 2020, after releasing her debut album ‘Moonth’, to reassess. “[Music] was just something I’d always done, and I didn't want to lose the magic of that – but I was just having less fun.” In this time of restless confusion, she got back to her roots.

“I got dirty and slept outside most of the summer. I learned a lot about plants and farming, just writing for myself, and in that time I slowly accumulated songs.” A creative hunger, supported by her community, had been newly fertilized. From this rediscovery, imbued with the vitality of earth’s green magic, ‘Watch Me Drive Them Dogs Wild’ sprouted forth.

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Merce Lemon

Pittsburgh, PA

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