Feelin' Freaky
Falcon Jane
August 3, 2018
CD & Cassette
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About the album

Sara May is the creative force behind Canadian indie band Falcon Jane. She’s a vegan virgo from rural Ontario and one of those special souls that finds peace and truth through making music. She’s one of a kind.

Falcon Jane’s songs are beautifully balanced: honest yet subtle lyrics, straightforward yet ethereal production, and deeply emotional yet bright, fun songwriting. They’re founders of “plez rock”, a music genre based on pleasantness and feeling good. It’s cute, and maybe a bit cheeky, but it’s dead on. Falcon Jane’s songs convey depth and lightness in equal measure, and they’re a joy to listen to. In short, it’s absolutely pleasant rock.  

Over the last several years, especially since releasing their 2015 album Alive n Well, Falcon Jane have toured Eastern Canada and played in Toronto’s legendary venues countless times. Their third full-length album, Feelin’ Freaky, was released August 3rd, 2018 on Darling Recordings.

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