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Steve Marino

May 24, 2019
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Over the last decade Steve Marino has recorded multiple solo albums (as Moor Hound), been in countless bands, and toured the country consistently, but his newest full-length, 'Fluff', is the first collection of songs he's released in his own name. In that sense it's his "debut" album. One might expect such a transition, from the artifice of a band name to the intimacy of one's given name, to be born of some newfound, inward focus. It makes sense; it's a story of an artist going back to basics, getting real. It's also not what happened.

Selected press

"For fans of Real Estate, the vocals are gentle and contemplative, balanced by the delicate strumming of the acoustic guitar. The whole soundscape is very lush, but the lyrics are actually fairly devastating, ending on the question, “Is your love now gone?” It’s a gorgeous track, well balanced and even gets a little gritty when the electric guitar kicks in in the end."

Austin Town Hall

"Driven by a mix of electric and acoustic guitars and Marino‘s dreamy delivery, the cryptic ballad strikes a balance between light and melancholy."

High Clouds

"Steve Marino's new track "Fluff" is delicate, beautifully romantic and absolutely soul-touching piece of music. Listening to this makes me feel like driving somewhere far, far away with the windows completely rolled down and hiding from the rest of the world."