Portland, Oregon

Poor English

Portland, Oregon

Poor English

Artist Bio

Poor English aren't really what you think of when you think of a Portland band. There's no four-part harmony, tasteful horns, twee aesthetic. This is pop-punk. It's soul food for the millennials. It's the kind of music you have on that special playlist, that one for when you're alone in the car.

It's not that Poor English makes music you don't want to share, because you definitely will, it's that they remind you of an earlier time, a time when that song was all that mattered. A time when big music with big feeling wasn't gauche, when you didn't ever use the word "gauche". Let's not mince words - Poor English make the music you forgot you wanted. There's nothing truer than someone reminding you who you are deep down. Poor English drill to bottom of your cold, blog-riddled musical heart and bring it all back to the surface. You're welcome.

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