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There was a moment late in 2018, after the release of Hales Corner's sophomore, self-titled album, when lead singer and songwriter Wes Cook made a big decision. Music had been a foundation of his life for years, with a calendar built around writing, recording, and touring. It culminated with an album, a tour, and then a band at a crossroads. He needed a change.

Five years later, Wes is making his return to recording. He's a pilot now—yes, an airline pilot with the shirt and the tie that you hear over the intercom when you hit cruising altitude. He loves it. But he never stopped loving music either.

Now, after flight school, training, a pandemic, a wedding, and landing his first consistent airline route, Wes is finding himself picking up the guitar more often and scrawling out lyrics more frequently. There's a pervasive belief in the arts that pain and suffering and tumult are essential for meaningful or powerful work. Certainly that can be the case. But there is no formula for establishing an environment conducive to meaningful artistic output. Sometimes artists need stability, community, and space to create their best work.  

It's a joy to see Wes happy, healthy, and thriving. It's an added benefit that he's also back on the mic. Why can't we have both?

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