Stone Irr

Stone Irr is the product of a special kind of Midwestern religious folk. Just start with the name: what seems like an obvious pun was, in fact, an honest mistake, and as soon as Stone's parents found out, they they offered to take him to the Lafayette, Indiana courthouse and change it. He was already in middle school. True story.


"Irr channels the Beach Boys and Sufjan Stevens in equal measure, using ethereal, layered harmonies and a sweeping arrangement to tell the story of the dark places the mind can go when experiencing separation from a loved one."

American Songwriter

"[Stone Irr's music] is tinged by sadness but buoyed by [his] simplistic knack for writing small songs that bury themselves inside you in a big, big way."

Gold Flake Paint

"The record is just as puzzling and incoherent as the dreams Irr is hoping to portray until the stirring album closer, "Lake Side". On this final track, the Indiana musician channels his inner Bon Iver, as he sings with greater conviction than anywhere else on the EP. On this track, he is waking from his slumber and is thus coming to terms with the world outside of his dreams and all the beauty and burdens that come with it."

Drunken Werewolf

"I really like Stone Irr, guys. He recently released his album “This Month,” a collection of songs he wrote and recorded throughout the month of June this year. He says, “I hope they sound nice,” and I’m here to assure you that they do. The choral vocals, the echo-y, lo-fi guitar, the lyric “Jimmy’s exploding / and everything is fine,” — I could go on, I love it all. You can purchase both of his albums on cassette on bandcamp."

Mostly Midwest