Poor English

Poor English aren't really what you think of when you think of a Portland band. There's no four-part harmony, tasteful horns, twee aesthetic. This is pop-punk. It's musical soul food for the Warped Tour generation. Let's not mince words - Poor English make the music you forgot you wanted. Tunes that drill to bottom of your cold, blog-riddled musical heart and bring it all back to the surface. You're welcome.

Press Page

"Lead single 'Everlaster' is the definite standout...featuring extremely dense instrumentation packed with sporadic, mathy guitars, buzzing slides, a silky smooth bassline, and lead vocalist Joe Hadden’s impassioned pleas, it really shows off the band’s ability to harmonize what should sound like total chaos into a rock song with instant pop appeal."


"The five tracks on the Poor English EP are musical powerhouses, yet they maintain a sense of gorgeous delicacy"

Extraordinary Nobodies