Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones writes intimate, yet ambitious pop music. His songs connect spiritual belief, classical training, and a lyrical emphasis on growing, on becoming the best version of oneself. It doesn't sound like anything else out there. It sounds exactly like it's supposed to.


"Welcome to the soulful world of Jeremy Jones... An introspective writing style is paired with a gorgeously textured vocal – enabling Jones to reach emotional heights that are out of reach for many emerging artists. His aptitude for conveying his story and connecting with the listener is rare; pushing his already great writing to new levels."


"LA-based Jeremy Jones... is clearly a talented singer and displays his abilities as a polished producer and powerful vocalist on this smooth tune. On top of Jeremy’s large vocal, “Runnin'” features a funky bassline, powerful drums and groovy guitar riff. The track is radio-friendly."

Casablanca Sunset