Hales Corner

When Wes and Caleb set out to name their new band in late 2015, Wes' faint memories of the town he was born in seemed like a natural fit with the warm, midwestern guitar music they had written. “Hales Corners” became Hales Corner, and that’s that.


"[Hales Corner] returns with yet another impressive outing, marked by guitar interplay and introspective lyricism."


"Adams and Cook composed Garden View with enough self-awareness, even humor, about their post-college condition that it never gets bogged down in cliché or comes across as overwrought. On “Hand Me Down,” for example, the need to accept the responsibility of age, a large theme, comes in the form of a simple coat: "Someone left their coat on my floor / But I’ve got to go and buy my own / I’m too old to grow into someone else's clothes / But I'll wear it now for a while." Later, they raise the stakes gracefully, singing, “I’d like to leave my mind in a jar of formaldehyde / And let my body roam until it dies"—a line that is simultaneously grotesque, surreally funny, and, probably even more so because of those two things, overwhelmingly depressing."


"From a musical standpoint, the songs are artfully composed and weave together beautifully throughout the album, without feeling repetitive or overly similar. With two talented musicians behind the album, Garden View is the lofi meets sunshine rock puzzle piece missing from any tape collection."

United Cassettes

"There's a lot to love about this record. Vocals are soulful, soft and come with a hint of the best days of Paolo Nutini. The mood of the record hits from the top, there's a dreaminess that's abundant in every track which is always the sign of a perfectly working collaboration. But more importantly the classic pop sensibilities are genius, songs of this nature could be played on the radio in almost any decade in the past 60 years and draw attention. Tracks like "Josef K" and "If You Come Around" are pitch perfect and have melodies that will ingrain themselves in your head." (7.5/10)

World's Longest Voicemail