"FLANCH is a ambitious new musical and visual project of Peter Timberlake and Ben Peterson featuring contributions from a host of artists they have become friends with over the years including Indianapolis rappers Devin Dabney and Sirius Blvck, LA-based Trackless frontman Jeremy Jones, Chicago actress/singer Krystal Worrell, and Bloomington’s Stone Irr."

My Old Kentucky Blog


"At just over 20 minutes, this is a concise, deliberate record, on which all of its diverse strains have been marshaled under a clear vision and intent." (3.5/5)

Tiny Mix Tapes

"Please do everything you can to get your hands on this record. Make sure to visit their Bandcamp where you can download it! More than a musical document, FLANCH has created a musical experience, a carthatic exposure to new sound for every listener." (9/10)

World's Longest Voicemail

"When scouring the internet for new, undiscovered acts, you can sometimes spend weeks without finding anything inspiring at all. It can get discouraging at times, but, at the end of the day, when you come across music like FLANCH's, it makes the struggle of digging worth the while."