Selected Press

"Heavily processed bursts of sound (think the Orange Milk catalog) resolve into a lurching mashup of Dre-meets-your-college-indie-rock-band halfway through, and you only have a minute and a half to even figure out what the heck happened here before Wojtaszek careens off into the next thing. That’s [what makes] Paraa so thrilling once you get the chance to get your grubby paws on a tape — it’s almost certain to shift constantly and surprise you at every turn."

Tiny Mix Tapes

"Taking cues from video game music and IDM, the Polish beatmaker molds brittle loops and rusted samples into a harsh, abstract otherworld."


"Cohost is an electronic album at its core but also experimental and plunderphonic influenced much in the likes of a OneOhtrix Point Never or, more recently Motion Graphics (also gives me Amon Tobin vibes as well). Still, Faxada is it’s own thing often featuring a very layered assortment of sounds such as industrial percussion and at times abrasive sounds to go along with synths, bleeps and bloops, to go along with more organic sounds like trumpets and flutes. The arrangements are often warped and accompanied by effects to fit into an ever morphing and shape shifting collage of futuristic/extraterrestrial music." (8.5/10)

Patrick's Music Blog

"[Faxada's] debut cassette is filled with wonderful samples and melody, way more detailed than I ever would have expected. And it’s not just a party – it’s all over the place. It lurches, it’s subtle, it’s a soundtrack to a bank robbery or smashing up a hotel room."

Cassette Gods